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  • MYJ Gallery is a free and stand-alone Joomla 3 module. It creates responsive fullscreen galleries with touch gestures, adaptable to all resolutions and devices.

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  • Blank Extensions (components, modules, plugins, languages pack) for Joomla v3.x to download freely as a basis for further customisations. 

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The three main Content Management System (CMS) are Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla!
• Wordpress: Ideal for faily simple websites, such as blogs. Easy to manage. Large number of add-ons, mainly focused on blogs features.
• Drupal: Designed for advanced websites, having complex data organization, online stores, or platforms. Powerful.
So, why did we choose Joomla?

Able to make simple and advanced websites

Joomla is designed to be able to make more than just blogs and slideshows. You can build complex websites easily, with powerful extensions and templates, including online store features. It can do more than Wordpress, more easily than Drupal.

About 8000 thousand extensions!

April 25, 2018: 7980 extensions on the JED.

Many useful and powerful extensions are available to extend or customize your Joomla, a lot more than Drupal. These extensions are not mainly for blogs and photo galleries, such as in Wordpress, but provides a variety of tools! With Joomla, there is no limit to what you can actually create.

92 million downloads!

2.7% of the World websites are running Joomla! Already 92 million downloads, every 2.5 seconds. More than 2 million websites powered by Joomla!.

Joomla is not first regarding popularity (Wordpress is), but it doesn't have to. Only Joomla is full featured.

A well organized backend

Joomla backend is well organized, making it easy for new and experienced users to add contents and organize it. Far superior to Wordpress.

Clean coding, rapid learning curve

Joomla is MVC based, whereas Wordpress is "function over function" based, which is a nightmare for the server load. Joomla structure allows developers to create their own extensions easily and overrides the Joomla core files without modifying them. How important that is to continue to enjoy the core updates!