MakeYourJoomla! is a joyful and happy-to-work-together team!

We are Nicholas and Mike, webmasters of this website. We are from Paris, France.

We form a team of independant Web developpers, who work together regularly on different projects for our customers.

When creating this website, we had 2 things in mind:

  1. Compiling in one place all the bits of code that we use regularly. What we find on the net, modify for our needs, and use again and again for our Joomla websites. We want to make it available to others. If it may help!
  2. Sharing our Joomla extensions work. For our customers or for our own needs, we write our own extensions, and what a pity it is not to share them with all!

I hope you will enjoy this website, and Make Your Joomla!

Best regards,
MYJ Team


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